Happiness is…

The end of the first full day and it was good! The cottage is almost fully organised and we’ve had our first meal of venison sausage and mash.

We went for a drive to Loch Damph this evening, stopped for a beer on a beach and enjoyed a windy midsummer evening!

Then Tom chased some birds!


Visited Sheildaig on the way home, discovered more awesome boulders and slabs and camping spots!
Got home. Fire on. Teapot brewed. Day one done! Xx

Failte gu Alba!

We’ve arrived!!!
It was a 9 hour drive to classical fm (Bear’s choice) but survived! She was really good bless her!
Love to write more but it’s time to get the brews on, scottish style! X

The last days in Yorkshire

Five days to go!
It was a good second to last week. Dinner with the family, watching Ben at karate and Sunday lunch with Alex and Laura were highlights.
It’s been nice to see everyone in the past four weeks, it’s definitely going to be different without you all! (and Yorkshire Tea!)


Tom starts his last four days at work tomorrow and It’s my last shift at the deli! I’ll miss the girls and the onion marmalade the most!
Definitely ready to be living in our cottage now, cooking meals, owning a fridge and sleeping in a bed again! Just got packing and shopping to do this week then we’re off! (probably stock up on these..)


This is likely to be the last post pre-move now, so, Goodbye Everyone and Goodbye Yorkshire! I’ll miss you and I’ll be back one day!


“Lay a white rose upon my tombstone,
lay me down soft and low.
I was born in this county and I’ll die here.
Lay me down in the rolling hills, back home.”

– Serious Sam Barrett

Farewell friends and furniture

12 days to go!!
Having survived a week already without a fridge, the bed has just been taken away. So it’s futon sleeping and uht milk until we leave!
Apart from that, this week was awesome. Quality time spent with quality people!
Biking with Han, an evening on the chevin. Sunshine and wine on the stray with Alex, and evenings with the Mother. Lunch with Granny, karate fighting with Ben, and being overfed by my Dad! Heart to hearts with Georgia and a right good bumming with Charlotte on saturday! Takeaway and drinks with Eddie and the menagerie tomorrow evening too.
So much to do, so little time! And with Tom working flat out until we leave it’s hard to fit it all in but we’re getting there! Tom, your a hero! Xxxxx

Ceilidhs and shotguns

Another week down and 17 days to go! This week we’ve ordered a stockpile of Avon Skin So Soft, sold my fridge, taken the cat to the vets and been robbed, enjoyed a sunny day of paintball in the woods, ceilidh danced the night away at Lauren and Danny’s wedding and missed rabbits with shotguns!!
Thanks to Kim and Darren for the shooting lesson on Sunday. It’s definitely going to be the new hobby in Scotland! Been thinking about guns ever since!!
Veiwings start on my flat today so fingers crossed someone wants it and I dont have to pay next months rent! Time to tidy up!! Over and out.