We’re still here!

But the camera photos are unloadable at present. Therefore no stories without pictures as my desciptive skills are below average.
All I can tell you about at present are the photos I have on my phone..


I have a lot of midge bites..


We had another take away.


Ted Danson stayed at The Torridon!


And Tom made a bourbon biscuit! 🙂 xxx

Treasures and takeaways

Yesterday was our day off and the weather was average but we needed a lie in and fuel for the fire so decided on a lunchtime trip to Lochcarron instead of a mountain. We visited a village hall clothes sale and “The best Spar in the North of Scotland”. Had pies for lunch,  bought some peat briquettes for t’fire and Scrabble. Finally!! (Hannah, can’t wait for you to come and play!)


On the way back we stopped at Kishorn to look around what I assume to be an elderly gentleman’s garage at ‘Antiques and Collectables’. We spent ages exploring through stacks of stuff, boxes and drawers of old cabinets and eventually stumbled across our new milk jug and couldn’t resist!!

We left £1 in the honesty box and a note of thanks and headed home for a few late afternoon beers. Too drunk to cook a few hours later, it seems a good idea to go to the Inn for a takeaway and a couple of whiskies (for research purposes). Tom had Talisker and Lagavullin, I had Laphroiag and Ardbeg. We highly recommend them all!

A rather dodgy bike ride home, teas on us knees and falling asleep on the sofa in the sunset watching Christian Bale, dressed in leather, fighting crime… yes.




Road trip to the metropolis that is Inverness for a bit of retail therapy!! B&Q, Tiso and Tesco. A great sunday afternoon!
Came back with bird seed and feeder, a new whisky for the collection, £10 worth of chocolate and a shed load of meat. Tonight we feast! And get drunk! 🙂


Day off

Yesterday we went for our first local mountain, Liathach. With one of the two summits at 1055m it was a baptism of fire. The weather was scorching and we had to drench ourselves in the waterfalls on the way up as there was no wind!
It took about 7 hours road to road, and a kind scotsman gave us a much appreciated hitch back to the car 🙂







I’m a gardener!

First day at work today and it was good weather for it, too hot for midges! I spent the day weeding between raspberry bushes, rose bushes, hawthorns and rosehips, and have finished the day resembling a muddy self harmer!

Wrists are sore and back is aching but very happy with my new job! (even though there are earwigs!!!) life is gooooooood 🙂

Get yer’ canoe out

Saturday saw the CELTMAN happen in Torridon, though poor weather conditions made it really tough for them! Tom was water safety for the swim and was up at 3am. I was not, so no pictures! It was a chilled day for me but an early night for us both.
Sunday was amazing weather, with clear skies and no wind the loch was like glass and perfect to paddle!


We saw sea otters and jellyfish, caught some starfish, found a dead sea urchin (and lots of live ones) and got stalked by a seal! And it’s a 50m walk from our front door!! We paddled about 12km+. Not bad for a lazy Sunday!