Seasons end

It’s official, the summer has left us. Although the weather has just started showing it, it’s been an amazing summer!
Well it’s now the start of our fifth full month of remote living and it’s been interesting to say the least. One thing we can say is that we don’t regret it! We’re finally use to driving to the east coast for the supermarket, and walking 2miles when we need some milk. Our wood pile looks cracking, our jobs are going great and the cat is happy in retirement in the country.
The hotel is a lot quieter now, with more staff leaving everyday it’s sad to see people go! The true population of Torridon will soon be known! Looking forward to a week off in December and all of January to explore and play. I just need my new toys now. On the wishlist is mountain bike, kayak and chainsaw!
Cannot wait for christmas now too! I can start getting excited! Looking forward to converting the cottage into a miniture grotto, complete with tinsel covered cat!
So, roll on christmas!! I don’t have any relevant photos but a post feels naked without one so I’ll leave you with this beauty from this season’s Torridon newsletter! (Sorry Tom!)


One thought on “Seasons end

  1. Liked the picture of Tom beard gone !?also very happy at your positive comments Em .Great , how did you get such colourerful mountains ? Have fun love and hugs , Gran xxxxx

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