So… It’s been Christmas and it’s been hectic! Working for most of it hence no posts since a week ago!Β We have had a lovely time though, I’ll start with Christmas eve.
I was very excited as I’ve been staring at the presents we’d been sent since a week previous! Tom and I had a nice evening watching films under fairy light, and a few drams of whisky. (sounds like most nights I guess!) But we also had a box of homemade chocolates from Housekeeper Kate, which were AMAZING!
We woke up early on Christmas day and opened all our presents in bed before work πŸ™‚ Thank you to everyone who sent us gifts up North, we ended up being a bit spoilt! Cat got Dreamies for breakfast so she was spoilt too.
At work it was only Jordan and Me housekeeping and a full hotel but it was a nice chilled day, with a break at 11am for a staff get together in the dining room. We were met by a glass of champagne and Santa, who brought us each a gift and a kiss for the girls, then he handed out everyones ‘secret Santa’ presents. The Christmas bell was rung and we all opened our gifts. I got a sparkly bracelet from the hotel and some awesome Superdry earmuffs from ‘Secret Santa’. Tom got a fancy bottle opener and a thermal cup stuffed with chocolate. We then had lunch before carrying on with our day.Β Tom took the guests on a Christmas day ramble despite the terrible weather. Thank goodness I was working inside!
That evening we went back to the hotel for Christmas dinner in the library. Wine was flowing and a good time was had by all. Maybe a little too good, as boxing day I had the hangover from hell! Thankfully I was able to plod along until lunchtime when we had soup and leftover Christmas meat sandwiches. Yummers.
Boxing day activities for the guests were led by Tom and Ryan, The did clay pigeon shooting, archery and Tom’s new activity; The Highland Games. (Including a whisky tasting!)
Since then it’s just been work/sleep/work/sleep until our day off yesterday, when we just slept! Only four more days to go now until we get a month off, really looking forward to a break and coming to see everyone back home. It’s been a strange Christmas without you all and I’m missing you a lot right now, though this year really has flown by. We hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas back home, and if you’re wondering where your presents are from us, they’re coming back with us in January for a second mini Christmas πŸ™‚
Love to everyone
Tom and Em

Wind and work again

As I type, huge hailstones are battering the windows, trees are occasionally hitting the roof and we have no electricity. Which, in a house that has electric everything, is a bit annoying.
Cat is bored because she hasn’t been able to go outside and I’m bored because there’s nothing to do. No shower, cooking, cup of tea or internet! I’ve typed this during the day and I will upload it when we get power back. Hopefully soon! I’ll have to get the candles out in a couple of hours as its dark at half 3 here now too! Ahh winter.
I hear the whole country has been battered with strong winds, though maybe not 100+ mph! It’s pretty hard to sleep through it, especially with skylight windows! Tom got up during the night to check the canoe hadn’t blown away! It hadn’t thankfully.
In other news, it was our first day back at work after the hols yesterday. We had a nice time off though, we went running and had a dinner with new friends Emily and Matt from the youth hostel, as well as watching a LOT of films! We have the beast of a Landrover back too, all shiny with huge new wheels, a wax oiled underneath and no exhaust fumes problem anymore which is brilliant! All ready for our trip back. I’m not working again until Sunday but then we’re both working everyday until the 2nd January. Then it’s five weeks off to relax a bit, and make the mega drive to Yorkshire to visit you folks back home πŸ™‚
(we got power back at 15:50, just after I’d lit a thousand candles and the fire!)


It’s the holidays! The hotel shut on Sunday for 10 days and we are enjoying the rest! Monday was a well earnt bed day, but yesterday we went to Aviemore for lunch and so Tom could do some clay pidgeon shooting. I had my first glass of mulled wine and got to drive us home πŸ™‚
Today we went and got our Christmas tree. A real scots pine from Wester Alligin. Tom and I drove to Jo and Arjan’s and they took us to their woods to choose and chop down a tree.
There weren’t that many small ones around but we found this lovely specimen which seems to fit perfectly!

Today we also received our first christmas cards and present! Which has added to the festive-ness. Thanks to Charlotte and Richard and my Auntie Lou.
Decorating has been done and now we’re chilling in the glow of fairy lights and the fire. Holidays are good.

Christmas is coming!

Yaaaaay! It’s that time of year again when you get to eat chocolate every day and have fairy lights on!


We kicked off December with the staff Christmas party last night at The Lovat hotel in Fort Augustus. We had an amazing dinner, a few too many drinks and danced the night away πŸ™‚
Tom had to get up early for a two day mountain bike course this morning but luckily I got a lie in and a lesuirely breakfast! I got the decorations out this afternoon so he’ll be coming home to a festive cottage tomorrow! Now all we need is to go an chop down a tree on his return πŸ™‚
So happy December to you all and may the festive season be a merry one! Ho ho ho!