Biking and bacon

I’ve lost my phone! Mighty irritating considering I had some good photos and a blog post nearly finished! dammit! 

Well, Simon arrived last Saturday night with James and Rich for some winter climbing action. They all got up mega early on Sunday and were out the house by 6am, headed to Triple Buttress on the back of Beinn Eighe. Pretty jealous considering I spent the day making beds and folding towels! Never mind! They returned home about 9pm that night after a rather long but awesome day out on the hill, with Tom sporting a war wound from Simon dropping a piton on him! 





We had enchiladas for teat hat night then early to bed and they slept well! Monday morning we decided against another early start and had a good breakfast instead! Mmmmmmm bacon! We went out for a bike ride that afternoon as the weather was pretty lovely. We cycled from our house round to Torridon house, pushed up the Coire mac Noubuil path then had an awesome down hill on the road back to Torridon village!



We neeeeeeed to win the lottery and buy Torridon house estate! It’s beautiful! 

We said our goodbyes to the boys that evening after Simon cooked a mega bolognese for us all. Hopefully see you soon guys! 

Chris came back to visit again on Thursday too. So many people around! 🙂

Tom was back at work on Tuesday but I had another day to lounge around and tidy the house. Ive re arranged and spring cleaned the house and it’s looking great! (if I say so myself). Back at work for the rest of the week now, looking forward to Monday as Tom is having his new boat fleet delivered! Hope all is well down South! 



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