Monkfish and Festivals

Another busy week at work and a lovely sunny Monday/Tuesday off for us!

Tom has been rushed off his feet organising ‘The Torridon Mountain and Sea festival’, networking with various local people and business’ to make this year’s event a big one. From The Applecross Inn to Scottish National Heritage, Isle of Skye Trials Club and Go Where Scotland. The plans are coming together and it’s looking like it could be a success! It should be anyway! 

Spread the word to everyone you know, and, if you’re free, you should come and experience the festival in all its glory, from 3rd to the 13th of October 2014! Walking, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, motor biking, arts, ales, archery and much more!!!

After lots of organising, it was a much needed two days off, and very much enjoyed! Yesterday we had a nice lie in, a friend over for coffee, a big lunch in and an afternoon out at the Celtic Jumble. Torridon’s finest bouldering! We found an awesome little sun trap out of the wind and lots of nice rocks to climb.



We got a call while we were out inviting us to the Shieldaig pub for dinner! Lovely stuff! 🙂

We went over to David and Marie’s temporary residence, a lovely wee holiday cottage on loch Shieldaig before dinner. We all had the Monkfish special, and would have all had the sticky toffee pudding too if I liked it! But I let the team down and had ice cream instead. We went to bed with food babies and slept like logs! Didn’t really want to wake up this morning, but after a bacon sarnie we were ready for today’s sea kayaking adventure from Toscaig to the Crowlin Islands and back!




And we parked the Land Rover by a beach with an awesome sand dune on the way there… Just because.



This evening I went to Yoga class at the community hall with Marie, and the boys got up to manly things involving fire. All in all a good couple of days 🙂

The hotel is back to opening seven days a week from tomorrow, so we have to wait until Wednesday for our next day off. And most likely the next blog post, unless something worth reporting crops up between towel folding, festival organising and eating dinner!

Enjoy the next week everyone. Love from us xxx




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