Still living in a communications black hole!

Hello everyone! I have come to the neighbours to use the internet! Hooray! 

Just a quick one to say we’re still here and loving the new life in Shieldaig! Biking every night, kayaking, enjoying the house, and a visit from Mum and Dad Tindale has been great 🙂

Started digging rocks out of the garden yesterday, so much in fact that I now have blisters in the palms of my hands… Probably not going to do any tonight. 

My tomatoes are doing really well 🙂 Flowers on nearly all of them! Considering I have 21 plants, thats going to be a lot of tomatoes!

I promise we will get the internet in the next week. With regards to phoning us now, I’m afraid you can’t. Unless we are in the the car park at work, or the seafront in the village, we no longer have phone signal!  

I will make contact again soon.

Over and out.

The official, permanent, Tindale-Harriss homestead!

So excited!!! We moved into our new house in Shieldaig on Monday the 2nd June!! 

It’s been absolutely hectic, with the both of us only having one day off each week and working extra long hours on my new contract, but we managed to get the last few bits into the house on friday and we are settled! 

Cat has been super brave, exploring the outside as soon as she possibly could, even though there are dogs and cats galore on the estate!

Thank you so much to Dad and Rachel for enabling us to purchase our fridge-freezer, David and Geraldine Gregory for our sofa and chairs set, Lyndsay Dacker for a lovely sideboard 🙂 and to my wonderful Gran for a washing machine 🙂 Also looking forward to a visit from Mum and Dad Tindale at the end of the month and they are gifting us an awesome sofa-bed and table amongst other things! Everyone is so kind! 

We still need to get the internet installed, hence no posts for a while! It may be a bit sporadic for the next month!

So, almost a year since we made the move to the highlands and we have our own house 🙂 Success!

Now for the next chapter of highland life, as Shieldaigians! 🙂