Fishing and New Family

We have had a great two days off this week, going fishing on Wednesday and adding a family member on Thursday! Welcome to Winnie the Whippet!

Photo on 30-08-2014 at 16.29

On Wednesday, our neighbour John, kindly lent us his boat to go out fishing on 🙂 We headed to the narrows with the rod, a picnic and a sense of optimism. We were pretty successful! We caught around 30 fish! Most of them we put back, but we managed to get four large mackerel to bring home. Well, we caught five, but one made an escape before Tom killed him!! All in all, a great day and a great dinner 🙂

Thursday, we spoke to a man about a dog, then went to pick her up! We drove four and a half hours to Aberdeen and got our lovely Winnie! She was really good on the journey home and seems to like her new pad 🙂 She has been coming to work with us, and went to her first wedding last night! Busy pup! 

We went to Cameron and Iona’s wedding celebration Last night in Strathpeffer, and it was a truly brilliant do! Ceilidh dancing and great company. Oh and sweets!

Here is another picture of Winnie.

Photo on 30-08-2014 at 16.31 #2 


Sunshine, the Sea, and a Dog

Well, you know I said it has rained for two weeks? It stopped today! The sun is out, blue skies, no clouds, no midges and it’s great! I went to go for a walk around Fasaig peninsula after work, on the way down the road I met a dog, and we went for a walk together!







Lovely sun, and lovely new dog friend 🙂



Courgettes and Call-Outs

We have had a busy six weeks or so up here in the Highlands, working and playing hard, and enjoying our new home and community. My gardening has gone alright this year with courgettes, leeks and onions grown at home, and the tomatoes are ripening now too 🙂 


The weather was really nice until two weeks ago when it began to rain. And it hasn’t really stopped since! Apparently August is known as the rainy season here.. Fingers crossed we get a sunny September like last year. Getting excited for my Birthday ALREADY! 



In recent news, Tom had a mountain rescue call out one evening and ended up spending the night in Stornaway! They were called out to a couple, lost in bad weather the weekend of the floods (hurricane bertha weekend) and they were trapped out for two days. When the team found them, they got the helicopter to come and pick them all up. Turns out the weather was too bad to land the 10 minute flight away, so instead, they flew hundreds of miles to Stornaway, where they we stranded at the base for the night! The police got them pizza but they had no beds and no spare clothes, so it was a cold, wet night for the Torridon mountain rescue team! They got a helicopter flight home the next day, and a full breakfast on return before he made it home for lunch! Exciting stuff.

Well that’s all for now, have a great week whatever you’re doing 🙂 

Bye for now!

We are alive!

But still no internet!

Can’t remember too much of what’s been going on, but there was the Shieldaig fete last weekend which was ace! A street party and Ceilidh dancing and stumbling home a little worse for wear!

We have a new baby neighbour, William and I have an Olive tree!

I will get back to regular postings, the internet IS actually being installed next Wednesday, so, until then….

Here are some photos…






Canoeing on Loch Shieldaig



This is the sea!!


Giant foot from a Clegg bite (horsefly). Four days as a fatty!




Sunset bike ride on the peninsula


Tom’s first rock. There is a bigger one now!


Fire pit built from stones out the garden!


Bear, suspicious of the neighbours


Tom showing me how to ride my bike


Family kayak trip


Mum and Dad Tindale ont sofa


The Tindales

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