Family, Friends, Boats and Birthdays!

The mother and the sister visited two weeks ago, en route to Australia! They are currently out there sunning themselves and I am jealous!  It was good to see them before they went and we now have to loan of an Audi A3 for a few months! Hurrah! During their stay we went to Nanny’s for lunch, had dinner with Marie and William and took Winnie on her first Canoe trip.




We were up at 4am to take them to the airport on Thursday and had a rest afternoon at home 🙂 Back at work friday, a busy week but not much to report. Last week was my Birthday! Woop! On Wednesday we went fishing with Henry, Emma and Dave. Tom’s friends from OB and chef from work. Not a very productive fishing day but it was glorious sunshine and we made an awesome canoe raft to drift around on all afternoon! That night we went to Lyndsay’s and had Chinese takeaway and wine 🙂 Lovely stuff. Thursday was my Surprise day! Tom had organised a sea tour to Rona for me 😀 The weather was perfect! We boarded at 10am and set off out of Loch Shieldaig and Loch Torridon, to Rona. On the way there we saw lots of Porpoise and Seals, and passed ‘Seal Island’. When we got to Rona, we docked and had a seafood lunch with wine, before a couple of hours stroll around the island in baking hot weather. Winnie had a dip in the sea to cool off when we got back to the boat. The trip home included cups of tea and cake and Kenny and Gemma (who own Torridon sea tours) had got me a bottle of prosecco and a birthday cake!! 🙂 We also saw two Sea Eagles on Raasay! A nice relaxed evening with a visit from Marie and William, more presents and more cake, then bed! It was the best birthday weekend I’ve ever had. Thank you Tom, Kenny, Gemma and everyone else for making it special! Hurrah for year 27!



IMG_8655 IMG_8657 IMG_8639 IMG_8636 IMG_8635





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